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Alter Floral Arrangement


Arranged Elegance is a Mother/Daughter Business (Les equals mom/Wendy equals daughter!). Creating floral arrangements and crafting stunning bridal bouquets is my 'mom's thing' which began as a sort of hobby/favor that has been servicing our friends and family members' floral decor needs for years.  Mom is an Accountant by trade, obviously ultra-creative and super tired of being behind a desk! I am a student that, growing up in the tech era as I have, lives on tech/social media!   Recently, because designing gives my mom so much joy, friends & family (yes, even me!) really started encouraging her to begin sharing her creativity with people beyond our immediate circle so that it could be a much greater part of her life.  In order for her to be able to pursue this passion, I knew she had to 'get out there' so I offered to contribute as the technical support (I also run A LOT of errands which I do not remember signing up for!).  Now together, both filled with loads of optimism and laughter, we want to share my mom's creativity and our appreciation of fun to add a touch of joyful elegance to your home, office or your special day. 

AND we want to do it while having a BLAST! 

I hope you will join us!


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